Below are some of the most frequently asked questions.  If you can't find the answer, feel free to reach out to me on Facebook, or via email at chris.e.mistery@gmail.com.

What if I don't like the color combination featured, but I love the design?
Good news everyone!  All custom designs can be changed to any color you like at no additional cost for most pieces!  Currently Mystery Productions has 180 different shapes, sizes, and colors of stones, and that number grows all the time!  Just reach out to me via Facebook or email and I will be happy to show you.  Unfortunately this does not apply to wholesale items however.

Can I request specific colors or designs on the Fully Stoned Stretch Belts?
Yes, please reach out to me to inquire about options.  Pricing may increase depending on the detail you request for the design.

How long does it take for me to receive an item?
Most items will ship in 1-3 weeks.  This is due to currently availability of that particular item(s), and the current number of orders I am creating.

Is it possible to receive an item faster if I need it?
Yes, but you must reach out to me ASAP and let me know.  I will let you know the rush order charge which is payable via PayPal.

What if I received my item damaged?
OMG I'M SO SORRY :( :( :(  This is rare, but does happen when products are shipped.  All products are super protected by padding when shipped.  However, if you did receive something broken, tell me asap, and we can work together to figure out how to best fix the issue.

I was performing and a stone fell out, what do I do?
99% of the time, it means that one of the claws got caught on a loose string or in your hair, if you have the stone, just place it back into the setting and bend the claw back into place.  If not, don't fret, send me a message or email and I will ship you a new stone!  All Mistery Productions Custom Designs come with a free 1 year guarantee! So theres no worries.

What does the 1 year guarantee cover?
My 1 year guarantee covers any and all damage to the jewelry.  If you lose a stone, we can replace it.  If it breaks, you ship it to me and I will fix it at no charge (buyer must pay shipping to get it to me). Anything that happens, I will fix it within one year of the purchase date for free. <3

What is "limited run" and "single run"?
Limited run means that less than 5 of that particular design can be made.  Single run means that that design cannot be remade.  This is usually due to using a natural stone or very unique stone in the design.  These types of stones are one of a kind and impossible to recreate exactly the same.

What is the difference between a "Button" and a "Dangle" Earring?
A button earring is one that noes not move around, or have any pieces that swing.  A dangle has swinging pieces and will move when you move.

My stones are dirty, how can I clean them?
Put a little Goo Gone on a Q-Tip and gently rub away the grime.  They will shine like new!  **Be careful with AB stones, as being to rough can scratch away the AB coating.

What is the best way to adhere the earrings to my ear?
There are many ways that queens have attached earrings to their ears. Some use super glue or spirit gum.  Personally I do not use either of these due to the fumes they create. These fumes can cloud the stones nearest to the glue. They also leave tons of residue that is very difficult to clean away.  I use Glue Dots to hold them in place.  You can pick these up at most craft stores.

Any tips for how to store/care for these pieces?
Remember these items are fragile.  While I do provide one of the best guarantees in the business, please do not abuse it.  Store your jewelry in a place they won't get bent or broken.  Many queens use something as simple as a plastic pencil case to keep their jewelry safe when they pack for shows.

I run a pageant and am looking for a jewelry sponsor, how can I get in touch with you about sponsorship?
Email me at chris.e.mistery@gmail.com for sponsorship details.

Do you teach classes on creating things for drag?
Yes, I teach one on one courses in Orlando.  Please email me for pricing.

I love your work, I just don't wear jewelry myself, but I still want to support you!
I appreciate that, you can still support my efforts by donating here.  You can also purchase Merch here to support my brand, and that of local Orlando Queens. I thank you in advance <3